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Alroys have worked in this sector delivering precision and quality for over a quarter of a century

The UK aerospace sector concentrates its efforts on developments in aviation and space exploration. Aerospace organisations (including the Ministry of Defence and its sub-contractors) all contribute to the production and evolution of spacecraft, focusing on research, design, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance.
Without this sector, our understanding of space would be limited and, as a global community, we would not have reaped the rewards of many ambitious space programmes over the past century.
Alroys has, for years, had a role in this business community, working alongside international organisations such as Airbus. Known around the world for their pioneering technology and significant contribution to the aerospace industry, Airbus designs and builds commercial aircraft, military helicopters and satellites as well as providing a range of data and communication services. They are Europe’s largest defence supplier and in the top 10 worldwide.

So, what role does Alroys play?

We’ve worked with Airbus for over a quarter of a century in their Defence and Security division and in their Space division, supplying a range of components for use in Airbus’ satellites. Clearly, their work is highly sensitive and manufacturing takes place in exceptionally complex environments. Airbus supply chains are carefully monitored for quality control and this responsibility is passed on to us during our production processes and those of any suppliers we use.
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You can find out more about specific projects we’ve worked on for Airbus here, but in summary, we typically supply cleats, brackets and radiation shields. Month on month, the design of these components may change marginally to accommodate changes in satellite design at Airbus. We must be flexible enough to be able to incorporate these changes into our production processes without compromising on time or quality.

Another complexity of the work we do is the materials we have to use. Spacecraft components are manufactured using exotic aluminium which should only be worked with by technicians with appropriate experience. This avoids the materials being stressed or fractured during production and guarantees we can maintain material properties without any faults.

On several occasions, we’ve also provided advice to Airbus regarding design challenges they’ve faced. Our significant expertise allows us to suggest solutions that are new to our clients and which they may have not otherwise considered.

In the aerospace sector, we have also worked closely with MBDA and BAE Systems, at intervals over the past 40 years. All projects require us to work to their individual requirements and specifications. As with Airbus, both customers are demanding, expecting nothing less than exceptional quality and on-time delivery, but with years of experience we able to maintain customer satisfaction.

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