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Take control of the unknown by using our sheet metal prototyping service to test the viability of your product.

Why do we offer a sheet metal prototyping service?

Our sheet metal prototyping service is a valuable phase in the life of a product. It enables customers to test out designs and concepts, thereby ensuring their products are fit for purpose. Bringing a product to market is complex and costly, so removing flaws and making improvements early on is important. In perfecting a sheet metal component or part, the prototyping process means cost savings are built in because we analyse everything:

  • Design: once we understand exactly what’s involved, we use our knowledge and experience to improve a design and add value.
  • Choice of materials: basically we query whether there’s a better, cheaper or more readily available metal than that already specified.
  • Manufacturing process: creating a prototype allows us to test the process which, in turn, might influence design decisions from tolerances to material thickness. Simplifying the manufacturing process is always our aim in order to save time, labour and therefore costs, particularly if volume production is involved.
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Who uses Alroys sheet metal prototyping services?

Typically our customers are in construction, aerospace and telecoms. But we also get approached by companies working in sectors as diverse as exhibition stand build, interior design and catering equipment. Basically, prototyping is for anyone creating a product made out of sheet metal. It might be a completely new invention, or an adaptation of something already existing. It could be a one-off like a large custom-made valve cover, or 11 intricately designed tables, or a batch order of 400 brackets.

Whilst we don’t look for difficult jobs, Alroys has a reputation for taking on projects that others turn away. Alroys prototyping is a problem-solving service for sheet metal products performing a range of tasks: from construction supports underground to shields for space-bound satellites. Together with our curious minds and capabilities, we improve the performance of sheet metal products and achieve cost effectiveness for our customers.

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How does sheet metal prototyping work?

Prototyping a sheet metal part can help eliminate the guesswork in manufacturing while reducing overall costs. As a physical example of a concept, prototyping makes it easier for designers and engineers to verify form, fit and functionality. We work from simple sketches or fully realised CAD drawings, querying and establishing certain specifications such as tolerance, hole sizes, material thickness, etc.

From a production point of view, the aim is to ‘touch’ the component as little as possible so time on the job is kept to a minimum. For this reason, we aim to perfect the entire process – cutting, bending and welding – so then we can replicate the component whether it’s a one-off or volume production run.

For example, a design for a bracket might specify just 3 bends but in awkward places. So prototyping means we play around with the machine, taking off tools and keepers until we get the desired result in the fastest time.

It’s not unusual for us to create more than one prototype, sometimes a small batch run. Maybe the customer wants to review a number of designs before settling on just two. Then, having tested these prototypes, they come back to us with an amended design – fewer holes, different bends, etc. We then produce another prototype for final approval before going into production.

Between the customer and Alroys, a lot of thought goes into these sheet metal designs in order to create an efficient component, often working alongside other components.

Why use Alroys sheet metal prototyping service?

Our prototyping service helps our customers understand whether their product design will work, and how to address any issues including cost efficiency.

The service reflects Alroys’ key values:

Understanding each customer’s goal

So many industries are reliant on new product innovation so it’s vital we get to the heart of what a customer needs to achieve. We’re ready to respond to their evolving needs, however complex the designs or tight the tolerances. Through prototyping, we keep on improving until the finished component meets their needs.

Factoring in cost effectiveness and viability

We always assess the commercial viability of producing a product, whether it’s a component or fabrication project. Testing and prototyping, however, means we can help ensure viability of materials and labour before committing to producing the real thing. This includes how a new part works alongside other components.

Putting our knowledge and experience to good use

Our considerable knowledge and experience as sheet metal and fabrication specialists means we offer valuable insights at the prototyping stage. From an appreciation of aesthetics and high precision capabilities, to developing weather-resistance and incorporating safety and specific industry regulations.

The Alroys team approach

We mean it when we say we collaborate with our customers. In everything we do as sheet metal and fabrication professionals. When you work with us you get expert knowledge and capabilities combined with excellent communication.

From prototype to finished product

Here are four examples of successful products that started life as Alroys sheet metal prototypes:

Telecom tower brackets

A variety of brackets with awkward angles for telecom towers. Our prototypes might prompt us to recommend altering tolerances and measurements on the drawing then re-prototype before producing 400. Tap and bend, de-bur, clean and pack – we’ve got the process down to a fine art.

Kitchen cutting appliance

The designers of this mandolin-type appliance used our prototyping service to test a number of issues: ergonomics including weight, durability, ease of cleaning and sharpening.

Ornate table for a chain of coffee shops

Prototyping the table helped the designer confirm the ‘look and feel’ was right. Meanwhile, we worked on the stability and strength of the piece all the while retaining its stunning appearance.

Powered security gated entrance to new residential properties

We manufactured the gates having refined the architect’s design to make them more robust and enable secure locking. We adapted a lock, creating several prototypes to ensure the spring falls back into the same place each time. Then we produced the final version of the lock for 11 gates.

Contact us to find out how you can benefit from our sheet metal ‘prototype to finished product’ service.

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Take control of the unknown by testing first with a prototype. We give you the ability to fully test a design concept, iron out unwanted flaws at the earliest stage and create a working model, approved by your project team.


CNC Punching

By utilising the combination of 3D modelling, CAD/CAM software and Trumpf technology, Alroys is able to offer a complete solution to all your requirements, no matter how unique.


CNC Bending (or Forming)

With advances in technology, CNC (computer numerically controlled) bending technology now gives you the ability to produce almost any component design, saving time and money along the way.


Sheet Metal Welding

This manufacturing process fuses metals together using extremely high temperatures. During cooling, the joints harden, creating permanent structures.


Sheet Metal Assembly

Prior to installation, the assembly stage is the realisation of your project. We take each component part and, in our manufacturing facility, we assemble them, testing each for fit and quality.

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